South Dakota Canine Center - Full Service Training Facility
    ...finding careers
  for extraordinarily talented dogs!!
Even the most difficult and challenging canine friends have a place in life - sometimes a very special place.  Sadly a large percentage of these incredible dogs with so much potential, don't fit well into the role of family pet.  We are determined to find these heros - in shelters, rescues, even in current pet homes with folks who are about to give up on them - and help them find their way to a career that can ultimately save human lives!  We look for dogs that are:
                                        > Energetic
                                              > Athletic
                                              > Of Sound Temperament
                                              > Healthy
We work hard to find candidates suitable for this elite field of service - as a Regional Recruiting Center working with organizations such as  The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation,  our goal is to locate potential candidates and screen them for further training and FEMA certification.
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Some of these recruited canines may not be the perfect fit for USAR work - but they DO have the drive and focus to excel in other fields of detection and service work - Arson, Narcotics, Explosives, Bed Bugs, Seizure Alert, Therapy, Guide Dog to name a few. We work hard to find the right fit for each dog and are happy to work with other organizations and trainers to get these dogs doing what they love to do.
           *Video drive evaluations available upon request*
                              Bed Bug Detection Canine - Dibs
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